June 29, 2009

I Really Want BET To Do Better...

Seriously, I don't have much good to say about the 2009 BET Awards and the overly hyped, but nearly non-existent Michael Jackson Tribute *eye roll*. I was taught if you don't have anything nice to say... Anyhoo, click here if you must to see more pics and video from this event.


  1. I wasn't too fond of MJ's tribute either. I did like some of the performances that honored Michael Jackson's work. I thought Neyo did a great job. I also liked Beyonce's performance. She looked and sounded great!

  2. beyonce was playing the role of an angel during her michael jackson tribute when she sang ave maria and in the arms of an angel. the only ones that really honored mj was her, neyo, kerri hilson with her outfit and signature mike moves and jamie foxx. everyone else was a disgrace.

  3. Well if that was what Beyonce was doing, then I'm pretty sure that whole concept got lost on just about EVERYONE who watched. People honestly didn't know WTH her whole set was about, not to mention the outfit, and I personally just chalked up Beyonce's performance, crazy bridal gear (and MJ tribute??) to her being "weird" Sorry, I just didn't get it.

  4. BET awards has become a JOKE!. It seems that these people have all become so pretentious. It is very disappointing to see such talented people act so ignorant and undignified.

    Wake up people, no amount of money will validate your ugly actions. It seems that some of the behavior exhibited is innate and troublesome.

  5. I'm still trying to reconcile the embarassing behavior of our people during the BET awards ceremony. What has happened and who in the world gave Jamie Foxx the mike? And seriously, what was Ving Rhames drinking that night and what is more, who allowed him to get on the stage? Pretty much the entire show was like watching a train wreck. BET producers, please put the concept of allowing a bunch of over indulged, foul mouthed, semi-talented, ridiculously dressed black folk away forever. You have until next year to get it right...come on y'all, do it for our country!

  6. I did see the BET Awards and from my perspective it was just "interesting." I would not lie I did expect to be awed by an exceptional tribute to MJ and was quite disappointed. I am a fan of Beyonce, she is beautiful and talented but felt that her performance was less of an tribute and more of an "ego" inspired display of "Beyonce" I mean the world has taken much notice of you so why not be humbled enough to turn the attention away from you for just a shy moment and give honor to the ONE individual who made it possible for many fools than talented black folks to be on T.V. Of course nothing would have been impossible if it were not for GOD's grace and mercy. And I must I say Lord have mercy on us!

    Jamie Foxx tried his best to give a tribute but it was descent. He too is a fool and seems to be just interested in plugging his tours and C.D. He can sing but he is not the greatest. Black folks can be so easily enthrawed by Baffoons and yes I am guilty.

    I am a fan of Maxwell. I would love to meet him in person to see whether what I believe him to be is actually true. Yes he is fine, suave, with much gentle swagger. A ladies man, true gentle at heart. That's what I perceive him to be.

    To conclude, Mrs. Deborah, who was not that long ago crowned the President of BET, seems to be lost. I personally don't believe that she has a clue. As a black woman, she should take strides to revamp the image of BET. They have tried by getting rid of some of the junk that does no justice for black women. I have grown very very tired of BET. Its now a last minute resort when nothing else in on television.