July 17, 2009

Sorry, But I DO NOT Approve of Vanessa Bryant's Dress.

Which really doesn't mean anything, because I'm not on her "glam squad." But that brings me to my point. SOMEBODY on her team should have BATTED THIS DRESS DOWN. The answer to the question that is this dress, should have been NO. And Kobe really shouldn't be looking so pleased with himself, I'm not really feeling his look either.
The Bryant's on the 2009 ESPY Awards red carpet? NOT the hotness.


  1. Um...that's horrific. Seriously. Why would you wear something that smooshes your breast like that? And why do I feel like you kind of see her nipple area? FAIL.

  2. Epic FAIL. It's no reason to have the kinda money they have and leave your house in an ill-fitting dress. Just shouldn't happen.

  3. I'm just not surprised by this... her cup of class has never really been overflowing. :(