September 7, 2009

My Third Maxi Dress...

I finished this dress just before Labor Day, and I've already worn it. I must say, I was quite pleased with the result! When I first spread the fabric out on my pattern table, my husband came up to the space where I work and side-eyed it real good. He had, "WTH" written all over his face, lol.

But once I had the dress completed, he changed his whole tune. He actually told me that the dress looked, "fly" What?!? Don't laugh! We're old school, lol! Anyhoo, just sharing the latest addition to my many sewing projects, so stay tuned, because there are many more to come :-)


  1. I like the retro look of the fabric. funky.

  2. Hi Chanel

    I discovered your site yesterday and have completed scouring the entire thing. Funny thing is that once I saw your name was Chanel I knew you were a Louisiana girl.

    Want to guess how many friends I have named Chanel? Lol

    I actually wrote to ask you what kind of paper you use for the pattern pieces

  3. Yay LoverofWords! So glad you found me! As for the pattern paper I use, it's some type of craft/butcher paper that I buy by the yard from the bookstore at LSU. And it was a super find too because they only charge like 8 cents a yard for it, so I usually buy like 20 yards at a time. I use it to redraft all my purchased patterns and it works out perfectly :)

  4. Thanks Chanel

    I will send my brother over to the LSU bookstore to pick me up some. And have my mom bring it back to me after Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for the info.