October 14, 2009

No Need For a Bouquet [A Handmade Dress]...

This is a handmade dress that I completed in June 2009 for a local art show entry, and I called it,
"No Need for a Bouquet."
It's made on a stretch jersey knit backing with individual silk floral rose petals that I plucked from the stems and stitched on by hand. It took about two and half weeks to complete doing it casually, which is basically how I sew anyway. I added a handful of lush green silk leaves for contrast, and a few pearls and crystal studs for a luxury effect. Before doing this particular dress, I had never, EVER done anything like this before, which is why it's SO great to try new things because it truly stretches you. It's not fair to yourself to say you can't do something unless you step out of your comfort zone and give it a try.

And even though my dress didn't get chosen for this particular exhibit, I'm still super pleased with the outcome of it, and I can't wait to breeze into a flower shop one day with it on and casually browse the gardenias. LOL.
I kid, I kid.

(above) Inspiration for my dress idea.

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