November 17, 2009

My DIY Cropped Knit Jumpsuit...

If you follow me on twitter, then you know I've been wanting to attempt to sew a jumpsuit for a little while now. Nevermind the fact that I wasn't even feeling the trend a year ago, fast forward to now and here I am having made my own jumpsuit prototype. And I have to tell you, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I've had design/sewing ideas in my head before that ended up not turning out so hot (i.e., disaster) so it's always gratifying when whatever it is you had in mind to create turns out to be a success.

I made my jumpsuit from two patterns that I re-drafted using a brown ribbed stretch double knit fabric that I'd literally had since I left design school back in 1999. That makes 10 whole years that I've held on to this fabric. This should give you some idea on the type of fabric hoarder I am. This fabric has been in boxes, in our garage, on the floor, so I made sure to machine wash it before I even put it on my table.

Overall, I'm happy with the look of it, I'd love to have it reproduced, and with a few minor tweaks, I'd definitely do it again.


  1. Lovely jumpsuit, Chanel. I love the lines, the fabric, the plunge...everything! :)) Xx Melissa, aka Muchadou

  2. Thank you Melissa! I love that you love everything about it, but ESPECIALLY the plunging neckline. I like to take it there, but I also live in a very conservative Red state, so I'm always a little nervous about doing that. That being said, I still don't let it stop me, lol :)

  3. OMG! YOU look GORGEOUS and this jumpsuit is FABULOUS! I wish I knew how to sew, how BLESSED you are to have such a talent!:))

  4. i love the jumper verrry cute! so creative...ive been meaning to redo some patterns myself!

    peep my blog if you get a chance...Prima.Donna.Ville