January 6, 2010

I Vote NO on Kate Gosselin's New Hair Weave...

Just when you thought she couldn't do anything worse with her hair, Kate Gosselin goes and proves you  way wrong. And since she claims to be "starting over" her first stop needs to be back at the hair salon.

Kate is having second thoughts about her new do.


  1. As a weave enthusiast, I can say that this is a horrible weave. I'm sorry but for all the time and money that got put into that was wasted.

  2. I concur...nothing wrong with a little extra-curricular hair but this just sets me ignorant. And when I heard the sad news that Ted Gibson was responsible...well, I just lifted him up in prayer.

  3. It looks like they used photoshop to give her that weave! LOL

  4. LOL Kim! Your comment made me holler for real, I needed that, thanks :)

    And lol too Monique at her weave looking photoshopped...