January 25, 2010

Style Verdict: Venus Williams in VISIBLE Flesh Colored Undies..

First off, I'm one of the first to stan for the Williams sisters. Both Venus and Serena are both massively accomplished in tennis and that's something to be proud of. That being said, the pair of flesh colored underwear that Venus decided to wear recently to the Australian Open are questionable. Wait. You know what? No they're not. They're in your face BRAZEN. I mean it looks like you can see her entire backfield! Does she think this is funny? Is she thumbing her nose at someone? Does she get a kick out of making people think they can see her bum?

Via the New York Daily News: No, Venus Williams has not gone commando, but you can't blame tennis fans for doing a double take every time her skimpy bright yellow outfit flares up. The 29-year-old tennis powerhouse has taken to wearing flesh-colored shorts at the Australian Open that nearly match the color of her skin.

The illusion has caused some fans to speculate that she's not wearing any panties and drawn catcalls from the audience. "Please put on some decent panties. I do not watch tennis to see your exposed buttocks!" wrote one fan on her Web site, venuswilliams.com.

So of course I wanna know what you guys think about all this. Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would YOU do something like this? I wanna know your style verdict.


  1. Even if the panties were white or yellow, we can still see half of her BUM. In my book, it's a FAIL. Yuk. They make athletic boy shorts that work just fine, she doesn't have to wear bikini bottoms. I can't get over that pic... gross... LOL!


  2. Well, as long as she is in the public eye she can play with that. It was funny, I didn't know she was wearing undies. I read one headline saying "Venus Williams didn't wear underwear during a tennis match." I'm not a big fun of her so I didn't go further with the news.