April 1, 2010

Delayed Reaction: My 2 Cents on Erykah Badu's "Window Seat"

Unless you live in a cave or don't have access to a computer or television, you've seen and heard all about Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video by now. In the slim case that you haven't, CLICK HERE to check it out. Go ahead, I can wait five and a half minutes to give you my two cents...

Now I was a fan of "Window Seat" long before I saw the video. And the video has been receiving its share of backlash because of the way it was done (wonder if Matt & Kim got the same type of backlash, because that's who Erykah said inspired her vid). They shot "Window Seat" in Dallas (her home town) in Dealy Plaza (site of the JFK assassination) in one take, guerilla style (no permits, they just DID IT) she gets completely naked in the video's final moments (which was recently revamped and done in reverse, back to front) where her world suddenly comes to an abrupt end.  Some people think she went too far. Erykah attempted to explain the reasoning behind the video concept on her twitter page (@fatbellybella) check her out if you're interested. 

*Update* Some ding dong filed a complaint. And Erykah's been officially charged.

My two cents on her "Window Seat" video? In these times that we're living in now, where we have the Internet, a 24 hour news cycle, pundits and opinion makers, groups of folks who are too easily swayed by non-facts and spin instead of being educated and fact-checking for themselves, where we are too quick to judge and negatively label things that we don't understand just because they're different? Where we're terrified to truly say what we want and be who we are, instead conforming to what society and other people think we should say and be for fear of discrimination? My two cents is that I don't think "Window Seat" went far enough, but big shout out to Erykah for beginning a timely conversation and being bold enough to take it there.



  1. Glad to know there are other folks who see a bigger picture. Curious to know tho: what, in your opinion, would qualify as "far enough"?

  2. I guess I was just trying to prove a point. Overly judgmental people vex me. I honestly think Erykah went plenty far enough to answer your question. Her video started a dialogue that's needed right now. I think people still don't get it sometimes though. The judgmental nature of this country has reached epic proportions and I just wish more people would recognize the silliness of it all and STOP IT. Nobody is perfect so NO ONE is fit to judge another person. Instead of worrying about and judging the next person, people need to stay in their own lane and work on THEMSELVES.

  3. Well, the universal concept of the of what life is has been drastically altered. With job loss, crime, and illness people are looking at others trying to find a way to take the focus off of their own problems. It's so disheartning because with children I see similar behavior which I know is learned. I just hope there are enough rebels in the world that can help open folks eyes somewhat.