April 20, 2010

The Growing Popularity of People StyleWatch...

In an economic climate where in 2008 ALONE, there have been over 500 popular magazines to fold, shut down and end their runs, People StyleWatch finds itself gaining momentum. And I'll admit. I pick up a copy of People StyleWatch on the regular. Way more so than most of the fashion glossies. Why? Jezebel attempts to dissect why this magazine is gaining in popularity:

A few of the things fashion magazines generally do that People StyleWatch doesn't:

1) Pretend that advertisers don't influence who they list in the credits of their shoots, or their front of the book, or best of all what their cover model wears.

2) Fly big-name photographers and their entourages, plus magazine staff, to exotic locales to shoot celebrities and models.

3) Promote the distance between the reader and an impossibly glamorous world out there that is just beyond the reader's reach, although you can maybe spring for a brand-name handbag now and then, which is only a partial bridge to that world.

4) Have long, wordy articles, some of which can be good, and some of which lamely pretend to have an interest beyond products, or contain the following sentences: "The Eastern European model moment came out of the Brazilian model moment, a moment of hips."

5) Have some of these wordy articles (or charticles) instruct you on how to live your life, be that how to lose weight or get or keep a man.

People StyleWatch has some of the elegant conceptual simplicity that Lucky Magazine began with: It's just about the shopping. Read this entire article HERE.

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