April 30, 2010

SHOCK: Sheila Johnson BET Co-Founder is ASHAMED of It.

EDITORS NOTE: That "SHOCK" in the blog title? Purely for dramatic effect. 

via The Daily Beast:
Black Entertainment Television, the network that Sheila Crump Johnson and her husband Bob started three decades ago with $15,000 in seed money and a $500,000 investment from media mogul John Malone, made her one of wealthiest women in America. When Viacom bought them out in 2000, Sheila and Bob pocketed $1.3 billion—making them, pre-Oprah, the nation’s first African-American billionaires.

So today she must be extremely proud of her baby, right?
“Don’t even get me started,” says the 60-year-old Johnson, who has since divorced and remarried (charmingly enough, to the Virginia circuit court judge who presided over her divorce). “I don’t watch it. I suggest to my kids [a twentysomething daughter and a college-age son] that they don’t watch it… I’m ashamed of it, if you want to know the truth.”
Well alrighty then Ms. Sheila. Don't hold back, no really.. lol. And most of ya'll already know that she's only voicing what most people have been saying about BET for the last few years. Shout out to her for being bold and not letting anything stop her from saying it (she has nothing to lose really, because she no longer has ties to BET) Still, I'm sure Debra Lee will be none too happy about any of this. Click HERE to continue reading what else Ms. Sheila Johnson has to say.

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  1. She has no reason to be shocked by anything the people she sold out to may do with their station. If she is so outdone by it all she and the greedy ex-husband of hers should have maintained ownership and made BET something she could continue to be proud of. But, the mighty dollar spoke louder...you did what you did so you have no right to grumble now.