April 7, 2010

Style Verdict: Socks with Heels...

I recently expressed my fondness for the socks with heels trend and a couple of my friends expressed shock (SHOCK!) that I would like such a thing. I don't really understand myself why I'm feeling it, but I'm feeling it. Although I think I like the trend better with ankle socks vs. calf or knee socks. This trend trickled down from the runways, where it was seen at Burberry, Christian Dior and Prada’s spring shows. InStyle says the trick to rocking this trend is all in the mix. Make sure your socks aren’t too bulky and your shoes aren’t too fancy. Keep it casual and fun! I love it! But I wanna know what YOU think about this trend. Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? 
I wanna know your style verdict.

1 comment:

  1. This is another one those fashion forward, style defining trends that some people are afraid to try. I think it's hot! In my opinion, the best way to complete a style is with eyecatching accents and this trend is bound to make you look more than once. I can dig it!!!