June 28, 2010

2010 BET Awards: Chris Brown's Controversial MJ Tribute...

Chris Brown did a tribute to Michael Jackson on the one year anniversary of his death during the 2010 BET Awards, and I must say, dude did a good job IMHO. Jermaine Jackson introduced him as "the person who could do this tribute who hasn't done it yet" Click READ MORE HERE for more pics, VIDEO of Chris Brown's MJ tribute and my 2 cents below:

[photos via Getty Images]

The controversy came when Chris got emotional while attempting to perform "Man in the Mirror" he started crying and could barely get through the song. I've been on a couple message boards since the awards and people are split. Watch the vid below:

Jermaine Jackson hugging Chris Brown immediately after the tribute.

And here's my two cents. Unless you are not of this world and here visiting from another universe, then you already know all about Chris Brown's crime. No need to go into it again other than to say it was a horrendous occurrence, it was violent and shameful and it should have never happened. That being said, how long do you hold something like this over someone's head? Is Chris Brown never to be forgiven for what he did? How long is long enough to hold someone in contempt of a crime such as the one Chris Brown committed? Do people not deserve a 2nd chance to prove themselves and make things right? I realize it's the popular thing to be all incredulous and hate on Chris Brown into infinity. And even though I initially got upset about all the shade people were throwing on Chris behind this performance, I can't speak for anyone else, so I won't. But me, myself? I'm over it. Chris said that he knows he let his fans down in the past, and he vowed not to ever do it again, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm taking him at his word. He has a 2nd chance, at least he does with me (as a fan), to prove he's a stand up dude.


  1. I agree that its been long enough for his career to be on hold. its over she's been on to bigger an better things. Lets let is go!! But the performance wus awesome Good Job Chris ...

  2. I hear you and I understand where you are coming from and if Chris had hit a guy I would have been like - whatever!! However it is the nature of the crime that upset me and probably everyone else. Domestic violence is a complex issue on many levels and something I truly condemn. Also the fact that Chris came from a home where domestic violence is witnessed really alarms me. Clearly the damage from his childhood is being manifested and certainly was on that night. I bear him no malice and wish him the best in the future but the guy truly needs help. Another sting in the tale is that there was a time when domestic violence was swept under the carpet because the woman was too afraid to come forward but thankfully those days are over and there is a lot of support out there. So what Chris Brown did is frankly a slap in the face (seriously no pun) to those who oppose domestic violence and have worked tirelessly to support people affected by it. That is why people are finding it hard to forgive Chris Brown.

  3. Dont' get me wrong, I understand people are upset, and they have every reason to be. What I don't understand is the way society views/treats/handles the offending person in the aftermath. How long do people need before they can move past being angry at the person who did the wrong? Are we never to forgive this person? Most families deal with domestic violence privately, like within a family. This incident was so public. These two have had to deal with this very publicly and I've just found the public as a whole not to be too quick to forgive. I understand the huge issue of domestic violence. I also understand that people make mistakes big and small. Are we as a society to hold people's mistakes over their heads for as long as they live? That I don't agree with in most cases. I think if people are genuine, then of course they deserve a 2nd chance to make it better.

    1. You Are So Right. I Even Felt Bad for him when he was crying on the stage thoo.