June 28, 2010

2010 BET Awards: The Good & The Blah.

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I have to admit, the 2010 BET Awards were some of their best work yet. I know. Shocking. But the show was actually pretty good for the most part. Some of the most notable performances for me was Monica singing her song "Everything To Me" which has seriously grown on me because I didn't even like the song at first. And Monica's vocals get stronger everytime I hear her sing. She's definitely a talent. Even if her fashion sense is a little out there. Click READ MORE HERE for more pics and commentary below:

When Monica brought out Deniece Williams, I have to admit, I kinda lost it! Ok BET. I see you. They both sang Deniece's hit "Silly" and even though Deniece was a little shaky, it was still awesome to see her performing. Other notable performances was Usher, Eminem rocked his set, Chris Brown's tribute to Michael Jackson, El DeBarge taking the stage (What?!) the Prince lifetime achievement tribute, and I was kinda shocked that I liked the Diddy Dirty Money set. But it was pretty cool IMO.

It was fabulous to see Nia Long and Larenz Tate together again (Love Jones) after all these years. Their chemistry is still like... WHOA.

What wasn't I feeling? Nicki Minaj and her lip synching, Drake, Keisha Cole's blonde mullet wig (like the song, hated that hair) and Trey Songz even though I thought it was cute that he brought his mom. And Kanye... and it's not that I wasn't feeling Kanye (he opened the show) but so much other stuff happened after his set, I just kinda forgot that he even made an appearance. That's about all I have on this awards show. And like I said, overall it was pretty entertaining this year, I really enjoyed myself watching. And I know I'm usually down on Debra Lee, and hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but I think she and the BET network may finally be starting to hit their stride.

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