June 7, 2010

He's So Pretty: Prince Rogers Nelson Turns 52.

Today, June 7, 2010, Prince, (born Prince Rogers Nelson; June 7, 1958), turns 52. He's also covering Ebony Magazine's July 2010 issue. Few artists have the kind of singing range that Prince possesses. To be able to go all the way up to a high pitch falsetto back down to low base tone is pretty amazing. Click READ MORE HERE below for more pics and tidbits from his Ebony Magazine Interview.

 via Ebony:
Entering the world of Prince Rogers Nelson is like slipping into the altered reality of The Matrix. After Ebony recently spent 12 hours with the icon, we learned that he is as deliberate as he is mysterious and deeply loyal of those in his inner circle. But he's fiercely guarded and suspicious of most others, at least at first interaction. Prince has definitely carved out his own rules and makes no bones about it. That’s what truly makes him who he really is while remaining true to himself.

This renegade artist seems a juxtaposition of opposites—he is a pop star, an icon no doubt, but one who is an example of extreme musical aptitude. Let’s face it, he has been ever since his first album, For You—which he produced, arranged and wrote. It was released when he was just 20.

He is equally profoundly curious about everything—people and how they think, self-expression, the creative process—and ultimately, the oneness of humankind. For three decades, this creative visionary has been challenging himself and us to think differently about who we are and how we engage. He is unquestionably a musical genius with a flair for only the best.

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