June 17, 2010

Hip Candy Appreciates Infolinks...

Hip Candy is approaching it's 4th anniversary as a blog (on June 20th!) and across these 4 years, we've been affiliated with some pretty sweet partnerships, Infolinks being one of them. Infolinks is pretty new to Hip Candy, but it's value to this blog is just as important and valuable as the rest. My fondest memory of my partnership with Infolinks has to be of my very first check that came from them. And what a pleasant surprise that first check was! No really! Especially IN THIS ECONOMY. OMG, I was close to being down to my LAST when I got an email from Infolinks letting me know that I had funds available. HALLELUJAH! That email was like seeing a spring of cool, refreshing ice water after walking all day, parched, in a hot, dry desert. Real talk. Blog partnerships are invaluable if you're blogging as a career, that being said, I'm so glad to be partnered up with Infolinks.

Now for the fun part (yay!) Just to show folks what a great company Infolinks is, they wanted to do something to make their partners happy. Like REAL happy. My first thought was like, shoooooot. You want ME to tell you what I WANT? Like what I REALLY want? You sure about that? LOL. Because I can really go IN right now. But truthfully, if I'm really honest with myself, what I would really want would be the opportunity to prove myself as a dress designer, and if someone could help me with making that happen, that would truly be a dream. My background is in fashion design, graduating with a degree back in 1999 from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I'm a Louisiana native, and I moved back home shortly after getting my fashion degree. I think people are pretty aware that Louisiana is not exactly one of the fashion capitals. But I've tried to make it work and keep myself in the fashion loop by blogging about fashion and style for the last few years and honestly speaking, it has created some great opportunities. I was able to attend and cover Fashion Week in both New York and Los Angeles for the blog as well as cover designer faucets for a Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas. I recently started sewing again making handmade dresses for resale in my Etsy Store. But if I had all the startup cash I needed, clothing manufacturers at the ready, a knowledgeable fashion industry insider mentor to guide me, a connected PR team that could get the next A-List starlet AND Michelle Obama to wear my dresses, I'm telling you, that's all the kick-start I would need to launch the most fabulous collection of cute dresses the world has seen in a good Louisiana minute! If I had the money I needed to do all that? That would truly be a dream come true.

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