June 17, 2010

REPORT: Beyonce is Over "Single Ladies"

According to ShowbizSpy Beyonce is truly flattered by the HUGE response that the song "Single Ladies" has gotten since it's release, but at the same time, she's kinda... over it. ShowbizSpy is also reporting that she no longer wants to be a part of a "long term joke" which seems a little harsh to me if she actually said that. But at the same time, this song has been done and redone by countless children, men, drag queens, groups, even other pop stars (Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas) and film legends alike (Liza Minnelli in SATC2). I do recall Beyonce doing interviews back during her Destiny's Child days and saying that she had gotten tired of the song and the word "Bootylicious" after that song went viral, so who knows, there could be some truth to this too. In the words of her husband Jay Z, she's off that.

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