June 18, 2010

Venus Williams to Channel Tina Turner at Wimbledon...

Venus Williams incited a minor international debate with her slightly bordello-ish lace outfit at the French Open a few weeks back. But if you thought that was… well, whatever you thought that was, the unfazed fashion plate promises you ain’t seen nothing yet. “I know that the French Open outfit look caused a stir, but I think the one I will wear in the next couple days will be better yet—it’s all about lace and fringes, a lot of fringes. I’m thinking about Tina Turner here. I am not sure how that is going to go over, but at least I can say that it will catch everyone’s attention.”


  1. I wish she'd cool it with the fashion statements on the court. I'm a Williams sisters fan, but I love the sport even greater and it irritates me that her wardrobe decisions dominate conversations and not her impecable skill. It's a cry for attention, indeed ... but when you're aging out - why have your legacy be brown undershorts that gave the appearance of your a*s? Eh. Still love her, these antics are just getting boring.

  2. I'm starting to wonder myself, exactly why she's doing this. If she's making a statement, what statement is she making exactly? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for showing individuality and everything, but I too am trying to figure out where all this is coming from.

  3. The two previous comments are so lame. Good for her for thinking out side of the box and yes she is making a statement, "I Am Me, And I Have The Clout To Do What I Want To Do In An Environment That I Dominated By Others," if you aint smart enough to read between the lines than don't comment. As for aging out, she is not aging out she is moving forward. She looks great and her clothes and has a mode figure and long wonderful legs.