July 30, 2010

The Dress That Lost on Project Runway's Season 8 Premiere.

The dress above was McKell's creation made from a shirt and some additional fabric, and in my opinion, this should not have been the losing design. I thought it was a cute dress when I saw it. And the judges sent other people through who had done FAR less. Click HERE for a recap and to see a slideshow of Project Runway's season premiere's designs.


  1. Omg this dress should have won,its so creative!!! I really like this dress lol

  2. I actually thought this dress was cute too when I saw it. Dude in the bowler hat who stapled his dress together should have been sent HOME. I also hope Ivy is better than those capris she made. Her own collection looked great.

  3. I know! I thought the same thing! This was one of the best dresses...I couldn't believe she lost!

    There was no one designer that stood out for me this season:(