August 27, 2010

Artist Spotlight: New Music Artist Carmine Davis

Recently had the chance to interview new artist Carmine Davis about his music career. He talked about how he got started, who he'd like to work with as an artist (Antoine Dodson made that list, LOVE that, lol) who his audience is, and what he's most proud of so far. Check it out below:

For the record, what name do you go by as an artist?
Carmine Davis. But you can call me Cee. :)

How long have you been pursuing music?
Professionally for only one year. I just graduated from high school a year ago. I've been affiliated with the industry, learning and growing as a business man and an artist but I had a Hannah Montana thing going on. I was a student by day, a growing musician by night. Haha.

Have you always wanted to do music? When did you have your "light bulb" moment?
I've always wanted to do music. Others might do it as a hobby or as a way to make millions, but it's who I am. I want to be an iconic entertainer, and also touch peoples lives with my music. I want to give people something to talk and think about.

Do you have a background in music?
Well, I've been writing lyrics since I was eight. I've been singing since I could talk, and I've been dancing since I could walk.

Who or what inspires you? Name some of your musical influences.
As far as inspirations go: my life inspires me. Every challenge I win or lose makes me stronger and inspires me to be resiliet in my quest. My bestfriends and family inspire me to not only be the best musician I can be, but the best person I can be also.

As far as musical inspirations, I have way too many to count. Prince, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Luther Vandross, Aaliyah, Steven Tyler, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige, Rick James, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Tupac... just a variety. The list goes on.

Do you write your own songs? I understand there's loads of cash in that enterprise.
I do usually. I wrote every word and co-produced my debut single "Autograph". Though I usually write all of my material, I find it better to work as a team. I collaborate with writers, producers and other people. At the end of the day, for me, it's not about the money first. It's really about making an innovative and interesting record that I believe people will enjoy.

What are you the most proud of up to this point? Your proudest, most genuine achievement.
Wow! There's a lot, actually. Just how well my music and my movement has been received. Just looking at how far I've come in just a year. One thing is that I never assimilated. I do my own thing, make the music that I want to, and handle my business the way that I think it should be handled. I love getting advice from others, but at the end of the day this is my company, my art and my brand and nobody can handle it better than myself. I trust my instincts over anyone Else's.

I'm also proud that I have an amazing team around me. Some hustlers who understand my vision. All of the achievements I have accomplished, none of it would matter if my team wasn't right.

Have you worked with any notables in the music industry?
I feel like everyone I work with is equally notable. I try to surround myself with independent artist because I feel like sometimes they have a certain spirit about them, than say a major player -- or someone who thinks they are a major player. They are also a lot of the time more humble and hungry. Two indie artist can create a better record than one major superstar if they work hard enough.

If you could name anyone, anyone at all to do a collaboration with, what would that dream collaboration look like/consist of?
I would like to do a group collaboration: Jay-Z would spit 16 bars, Nickleback's Chad Kroeger would assist me on the hook and Alabama's own Antoine Dodson would auto-tune a few bars to bring it home. Billboard Hot 100, baby! Hahaha.

Who is your audience?
Technically my market is 17-25 year old men and women over seas and in the states who are interested in thumping beats, catchy, witty and sometimes naughty lyrics and soulful vocals with a rock edge. I just made that up. How cool am I? Hahahaha.

What, to you, would mean "success" that you've "made it"?
When I'm able to take care of all of the loved ones who have taken care of me and supported me through the years. I hold my friends and family close to my heart, and they're everything to me. I work 14 hours and put up with this crazy business partly for them. I want them to never have to want for another thing.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I see myself defiantly on top of the charts, growing my brand and spreading my love and music across the world.

Is your music currently available for purchase, and if so, where?
You can purchase "Autograph" EVERYWHERE by visiting my website: I'll be releasing Autograph: The Remixes EP soon which features the remasterd version of "Autograph", the "Milky Mix" remix and a lot of other different styles of remixed to keep your body moving. I'm working on a surprise for all of my fans that are also Prince fans like myself, so you gotta sign-up for my mailing-list for more information: ( I'll also be releasing my debut album "Bizarre" January 11, 2011 (1.11.11). Stay tuned and follow me everywhere for more info:

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