August 24, 2010

Christie Brinkley & Donna Karan Both in Donna Karan.

Former model Christie Brinkley and designer Donna Karan showed up to the recent Heat Hamptons Benefit with the same Donna Karan dress on. Great for Donna Karan! Not as great for Christie Brinkley, but they both look like they didn't mind. Plus the dress is styled differently on both ladies, so... there's that.

I remember going to my Junior prom and seeing this chick with the exact same dress as mine. My dress had black trim and her dress trim was green. But still. It was the SAME DRESS. So I kinda know how that feels, from Christie's perspective. I just imagine it has to be light years different to be the actual designer wearing your own dress to an event and then to see someone else with the same dress on but it's YOUR DESIGN. That right there's priceless. Oh, and I'm totally gonna be just like Donna Karan and ditch wearing a bra all together when I get her age. Gotta respect that kind of freedom.

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