September 16, 2010

Xerox Prints at Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011...

I thought those were prints at Isaac's show, but I couldn't be sure. Wow. So creative.

via WWD: Isaac Mizrahi's spring collection was called IM Xerox and opened with a series of simple whites printed with tromp l’oeil pockets, buttons and lapels, as if they had been produced at Kinko’s. It was his amusing take on 3-D in 2-D, which continued on dresses, long and short, in black-and-white floral grid prints followed by the vivid, full-color versions. Mizrahi is a master of the witty design gag and makes it work by grounding the clothes in classic uptown whimsy, here in a glamorous throwback. Click HERE to see pics and watch below to see more from Isaac Mizrahi's Spring 2011 collection:

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