December 26, 2010

SHOCK: RIP Teena Marie...

OMG, I was not expecting to hear ANYTHING like this on the day after Christmas. I've been a fan of Teena Marie since Square Biz. My little brother saw her live at Essence Fest in New Orleans a few years back and to hear him talk about her set, Teena must have really shut the house down. I was mad jealous that I wasn't there in the Superdome to witness it. I vowed to see her live after my brother's report, but now, sadly, I'll never get the chance. This news is so unbelievably sudden. Prayers go out to her family...

Born Marie Christine Brockert, Teena Marie rose to prominence in the late 70s and 80s, striking a musical and personal partnership with funk legend Rick James. She released 13 studio albums, six of which went platinum on the US R&B chart. Two of her albums went platinum, and six altogether were gold. Marie's biggest hit came in 1984 with her single 'Lovergirl,' which peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


  1. I know I just found out a couple hours ago and I am still in shock! I am like the baby of the family and my older cousins introduced me to her music...I was so sad when I had to break the news to them!