January 6, 2011

El DeBarge Speaks with Black Enterprise...

via Black Enterprise: After nearly 20 years away from the spotlight, El DeBarge reemerged on the scene this year with the appropriately titled album, Second Chance. Many remember the pretty boy image of Debarge as lead singer of the beloved 80's family group of the same name, or for his rise to fame as a solo artist. But you can't ignore his two-decade-old battle with drug addiction, which spiraled out of control and lead the R&B singer to do a 13-month bid in prison from 2008-2009. Now, DeBarge is all about embracing his second chance.

Watch below as Blackenterprise.com reporter LaToya M. Smith talks with the Detroit-native about what he wishes he knew then, and what he certainly knows now. You may be surprised...

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