January 29, 2011

Sorry, But I DO NOT Approve of Anne Hathaway's Outfit.

Anne Hathaway attended 20th Century Fox press day For "RIO" looking like she got dressed in the dark on January 28, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. That's it. I'm convinced she got dressed in the dark without a mirror because that's the only logical explanation for this look. I like you Anne, I really do. You're so much better than to leave out looking thrown together like this, so yeah. 
Well, your shoes are cute :)


  1. Girl that is the ugliest outfit I have seen in awhile.. What was she thinking?
    She should get a new stylist.

  2. IDK WTH was going on when she got dressed here. She doesn't usually fall off THIS hard.

  3. When I looked at the first photo I thought "Wow that is pretty bad" then I made the mistake of scrolling down to see that the mismatched skirt is actually pants! How did she go from that beautiful gown at the Golden Globes to this? Isn't her stylist Rachel Zoe? Shame on both of them.

  4. I couldn't have said that better Christy..