February 21, 2011

My Inspired by Camilla Ferro Dress...

I, like many others, first spotted this dress on Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thought it was super chic. I knew I wanted to attempt it. My first order of business was to find some sequined fabric. I found some "mini dot" sequin fabric that I wanted to use and what do you know? They had it in New Orleans Saints black and gold. Score!

I originally cut out the decolletage and the sleeve cuffs in the gold sequin, but eventually decided against using the gold on the sleeve cuffs to avoid it looking too costume-y. I ended up using the black sequin for the sleeve cuffs instead.

Next, instead of a straight hem on my mini skirt, I drafted a shirt tail on my skirt pattern to make it a little different and add a bit of interest. The fabric above is the lining because the sequined fabric was quite see through.

It really started to come together quite nicely. I was super pleased with the progress and how everything was looking at this point.

I wanted to check the drape of the blouse portion of the dress before attaching my skirt. The flow of the sleeves was just as I wanted it.

And finally my inspired by dress is complete! Do you see where the gold on my sleeve cuffs would have been too much? The black sequin there is much more subtle and stylish IMO. Anyhoo, I'm loving how it turned out and I'm already thinking of other versions of this dress to create...


  1. This remake of this dress is so amazing! Wow!

  2. hi Chanel

    Love the dress.. what are you pairing with it.. shoes? bag?

  3. Thanks ya'll! Carla, I have no idea yet. I just purchased a pair of black caged heels on clearance that could work. But a pair of strappy gold heels could work too. Not real big on handbags, so I'm a little clueless there outside of matching the color. But I need to find somewhere to where it to first! lol :)

  4. You did a great job with this dress!!

    I would also like to try to sew this. I know its a while ago you made this dress, but to you have more pictures of the process (step by step) and details to get the right "size"?