June 19, 2011

The Appeal of "Mad Men's" Joan Holloway...

I'm someone who caught on to the "Mad Men" mania late. I mean, I remember the show winning all kinds of awards early on, but that's not what made me start watching. I think it was people's excitement about the show on Social Media (my twitter timeline would explode when it was on) that finally made me rent season one, episode one of Mad Men to check it out for myself, and from there, I was hooked (I'm currently renting season 4). There are aspects of the show that are very brazen, but the story lines keep you engaged, and let's face it, Don Draper is not too tough to look at. But a standout female lead in the show, Joan Holloway makes great tv too. Joan is my husband's hands down favorite on the show (for obvious reasons) but he also wishes he had an assistant like her, because on Mad Men, Joan knows what to do in that office and she gets the job done.

While Jon Hamm's Don Draper is the undisputed lead, the troubled and mysterious ad man with a dark past and present day jawline that delivers as many messages as his mouth, the show relies almost as much on its female scene-stealer, Joan Holloway, played by the irreplaceable Christina Hendricks.

"When we did the pilot, that was not something that we discussed as a trait for Joan," she told Parade Magazine. "This is something that's developed as a combination of the costuming on the show, the hair and makeup, my portrayal of the role, and [showrunner] Matt's [Weiner] writing. It all kind of came together and that became much more of a focus later. It was just something the audience brought attention to."

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