August 15, 2011

At Home Hair: I Love My Oils...

These oils are all the oils in my hair arsenal right now. When I first decided definitively to go natural (March 2011) I went full steam ahead trying to learn what people used on their transitioning/natural hair. I visited hair forums, websites, Youtube channels, I bought books, got scared into staying away from using products with sulfates and parabens which I still largely do. But what immediately got me excited were all the oils. OILS. I know. It's like, why oils? I don't know really, but using natural oils had an immediate impact on my decision to go natural for whatever reason. I still to this day can't fully put my finger on why. I dropped a good amount of cash on all these oils 5 months ago, and the only one I've had to replace to date is my Sweet Almond Oil (it's light and velvety which I like so I use a good bit of it).

My essential oils are another whole breed of oils. My Sweet Basil Oil is front and center because it is my hands down favorite EO. I use it in my water/glycerin moisturizing hair spritz. I don't know why the smell of basil makes me so happy, but it does. When I first got all these oils, I turned into this mad scientist mixing different oils, conditioners and lotions. All I was missing was a white lab coat, lol. It still excites me to mix my own hair oils and conditioners. I think I have more oils than brand name hair products right now. So below are a few links to what I've learned about these oils and some of what I've experienced with them so far:

this leaves my hair feeling really smooth after I use it

Taren916 (above link) uses Tea Tree Oil for her scalp massages, 
I mix almost every oil I have for my scalp massages, lol (olive, almond, safflower, avocado, scented with rosemary and peppermint) #fanatic

Do you use any of these products or something different? I'd love to know your thoughts, I like learning about new hair/skin at home remedies!

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