August 19, 2011

Thoughts and Reviews on THE HELP...

I didn't really care for the movie "The Help" And don't get me wrong, I thought that there were some good performances in the film, "Minny's" Octavia Spencer, Allison Janney who played "Skeeter's" mother, "Hilly's" mother played by Cissy Spacek and of course the backbone of the film, Viola Davis as "Aibileen." Below are a few reviews of the movie that I read and there were a few thoughtful viewpoints that I definitely agreed with, there's also a link to a review that defended the movie. See below:

Association of Black Women Historians Open Letter to Fans of "The Help" 
"The Help" Missed Opportunities via The Root
A Critical Review of the novel "The Help"  
"The Help" And the Lives of Today's Nannies via Huffington
  How "The Help" Failed Us by Dyane Francois via Huffington
Black and White Struggle with a Rosy Glow via Nelson George, New York Times
Treme's Wendell Pierce Takes On "The Help" via NYMag  
HSN's Branding of "The Help" (pots and skillets? Really?) is all types of TACKY and WRONG.  

And finally, for some balance, a writer comes to the defense of the movie, Mary Elizabeth Williams writes Why "The Helps" Critics are All Wrong. The comments responding to her review are equally as  interesting.  I'd love to know what some of you thought about this book/movie as well as any of the movie reviews above. 

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