September 27, 2011

My ONE Piece of Missoni for Target...


My cousin Ronda sent me this Missoni for Target Fluid Romper and I got it in the mail today. Yay! I missed the entire launch of Missoni for Target because I was laid up in the hospital, but from what I heard, it wouldn't have done any good for me to try to buy any of it anyways because I hear the stuff sold out everywhere in milliseconds. I can't tell you how hard I shook my head at that. Missoni for Target sells out the MORNING of the launch and by that same EVENING most of it is up for sale on ebay? It's NOT RIGHT. My husband told me I was wrong, but I attempted to "greed shame" an ebay seller the other day by sending them a "shame on you" private message. That's all I said, and regardless of what my husband thinks I stand by what I told that ebayer. Margherita Missoni even told her followers on Twitter not to pay MORE for Missoni for Target on ebay. They're charging double, triple and in most cases, way more than what Target charged. It's a ripoff! It's one thing if you bought a piece of Missoni from Target and maybe it didn't fit or you decided you didn't like it and instead of returning it to Target you sell it yourself on ebay. But it's quite another thing if you have 15-20 pieces of Missoni for Target for sale marked WAY up. Nope. Not doing it, sorry. 

Anyway, I'm happy to have a piece of Missoni for Target (thanks Ronda for scoring me a piece when you knew I couldn't get there), I've already tried it on and it's super soft, I'm going to sleep in it and if I'm ever lounging poolside somewhere with some fashion mags, a pair of brightly colored sunglasses, a cute pedicure and a cocktail, I think this Missoni romper is the perfect look for that too :)

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