November 14, 2011

Girlfriends... The Movie? YES Please!

via Bossip: Supporting cast member Keesha Sharp "Monica" did an interview with Cherry Martinez about how the show ended with no closure and hoping they can make a movie happen. And I vote YES to this:
“Everybody’s talking about it, and I think that would be great…like a Sex in the City. At least give it some kind of closure to a degree and find out what happened to the characters in this past 5 years. We’re all excited about that, everybody’s talking about it, so we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that it happens.” 
“All I can say is everybody’s interested, and that’s a start. ‘Cause if Tracee wasn’t interested, or Jill wasn’t interested, or Golden, that would be a problem, but everybody wants it to happen. So we’re just waiting to hear, ‘Hey, we got the money.’ So hopefully, that happens.”
Watch Keesha's interview with Cherry Martinez below:

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