February 28, 2011

Sandra Bullock & Her "Blind Side" Co-Star on Oscar Night...

 Sandra Bullock (in Vera Wang) sneaks in a precious photo op with her "Blind Side" costar Quinton Aaron while catching up inside the Vanity Fair party. Sweet. [via People.com]

Anne Hathaway's (Nice!) Oscar Jewelry Payday...

Anne Hathaway scored a major bonus when she wore glitzy jewelry from Tiffany & Co. while hosting the Oscars on Sunday night. An insider tells UsMagazine.com that the actress, 28, was paid a whopping $750,000 to wear the baubles at Hollywood's biggest event.

Rock Socks with Miley & Rihanna - [Sponsored]

Style with Miley & Rihanna - Sponsored Post

One thing all the stars are wearing now? Socks! 
Click the pic above to see Miley Cyrus and Rihanna make a statement with stylish socks..

February 27, 2011

WATCH: 2011 Oscars Red Carpet: The Good, Bad & Ugly...

2011 Oscars: Natalie Portman in Rodarte (Not Dior, hmm...)

Natalie Portman wore a pretty purple gown by Rodarte who also designed costumes for "Black Swan." There was some controversy being discussed on Twitter about Natalie not wearing Dior because of John Galliano's recent alleged anti-Semitic remarks as Natalie is of Israeli heritage (Galliano is refuting the claims that he made anti-Semitic remarks, but *UPDATE* Now there's 'alleged' VIDEO of the rant). But there was also controversy between Rodarte and the design team on the set of the movie Black Swan, so the fact that she's wearing Rodarte could be making some sort of statement too if you're reading between the lines really hard. Who knows. Anyhoo, I like to keep it light here on Hip Candy so I thought the dress draped nicely on her and I really liked the color.

Natalie Portman and her fiance (and Black Swan co-star and professional dancer) Benjamin Millepied.

2011 Oscars: Hilary Swank in Gucci Couture...

Hilary Swank told Ryan Seacrest that it was eleven years ago that she won the Oscar for "Boys Don't Cry" WOW. I didn't realize that it was that long ago. That's around the time when she popped up on lots of people's radars. She looks great in this Gucci couture gown, but nothing tops that navy, backless Guy Laroche gown she wore a few years ago. Now that dress was the HOTNESS.

2011 Oscars: Gwyneth Paltrow in Metallic Calvin Klein

I like this Calvin Klein dress on Gwyneth Paltrow, but I think I would like it more if she had hips. I  just think the dress would look nicer with a few more curves. But just a few, lol.

2011 Oscars: Celine Dion in Metallic Armani Prive...

Wow Celine. Simple and chic. And didn't she have twins like 2 seconds ago? Her body is insane. Love this look.

2011 Oscars: Halle Berry in Marchesa...

Halle Berry is wearing a frothy, nude toned Marchesa gown and I love the look on her. She's someone who can make a frou-frou dress still look sexy. She just has it like that. Fab.

2011 Oscars: Scarlett Johannson in Dolce & Gabbana...

Scarlett Johansson wore this purple (eggplant?) lace one of a kind lace gown by Dolce & Gabbana and it's just "meh" for me. But I'm loving her eye makeup. Weird.

2011 Oscars: Jennifer Hudson in Versace...

I've lost count on the number of posts I've done on how good Jennifer Hudson looks. Here she's wearing a bold tangerine Versace gown and she's looking gorgeous in it. I'm telling you she's making me wanna run around the block and burn some calories right now. Well... maybe tomorrow.

2011 Oscars: Michelle Williams in CHANEL...

LOVE Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine) in this pale CHANEL gown. Now I know I said that Mila Kunis looks better to me in bolder colors, but I think it's the opposite for Michelle. She can pull off the lighter tones better than most. It fits her. Love the simplicity of this dress.

2011 Oscars: Anne Hathaway in Vintage Valentino.

Anne is stunning in this fire red vintage Valentino gown on the red carpet with the designer of her dress, Valentino himself. Love the red dress, love the red lips, love the soft hair. Fabulous.

2011 Oscars: Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Mila Kunis (Black Swan) is a favorite of mine, but I don't know if I like this lavender Elie Saab on her. I think she looks better in bolder colors. But she looks nice nonetheless.

2011 Oscars: Hailee Steinfeld in a Custom Marchesa...

It's always refreshing for young women to dress age appropriate. Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) is wearing a custom made Marchesa gown that she helped to design. I think she looks heavenly. Fabulous.

2011 Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein...

Simple. Beautiful. Sleek. Unfussy. Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) in Calvin Klein. Some may try to do "Baywatch" jokes about this gown, but I'm loving it. Clean lines always win it for me. Well played Jennifer Lawrence. Well played.

Oscar Fashion Designers - [Sponsored]

Oscar Fashion Designers - Sponsored Post

Click the pic above to choose the fashion designer who you think will have the best dress of the Oscars tonight!

WATCH: TODAY Show Anchors Make Oscar Predictions...

Watch below as The TODAY Show's Meredith, Ann, Willie and Al make their 2011 Oscar picks.

WATCH: Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Predictions

Natalie Portman wearing a Viktor & Rolf gown at the 2011 Golden Globes (above). She's nominated in the Best Actress category for "Black Swan.

February 23, 2011

WATCH: Academy Award Hosts Are Ready for Primetime...


February 21, 2011

My Inspired by Camilla Ferro Dress...

I, like many others, first spotted this dress on Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thought it was super chic. I knew I wanted to attempt it. My first order of business was to find some sequined fabric. I found some "mini dot" sequin fabric that I wanted to use and what do you know? They had it in New Orleans Saints black and gold. Score!

February 18, 2011

Spotted Out: Daddy, Daughter *Sweetness*

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla (who turns 3 next month) shared a precious moment together at the Los Angeles Zoo on Thursday.

WATCH: Paul Costelloe Fall 2011 London Fashion Week

New York is done, now Fashion Week moves to London. Designer Paul Costello was originally based in Dublin, but now designs in the heart of London, his fashion house has developed into a family run business and he continues to be at the helm of his own collections. I thought his things were super cute. I liked the outfit in the pic above, another green, swing mini dress and OMG, his coats. Yum. Watch below to see some of his Fall 2011 collection.

February 17, 2011

WATCH: Designer Rachel Roy's Spring 2011 Movie "MOVE"

Jennifer Beals Says No to Dancing With the Stars...

"I am not a dancer," says Beals, 47, who currently stars in the Fox drama The Chicago Code. "They asked me and I said 'no.' You could back up a truck to my door filled with cash and I wouldn't do it."

Beals says a visit to the DWTS ballroom a few years ago to support actress pal Marlee Matlin confirmed to her that the show wasn't her cup of tea.

"The sound of the audience is so loud and the energy in there is so intense," Beals says. "I wanted to start crying just in feeling for her. I joked with Marlee and said, 'You don't know how lucky you are you can't hear this.' The noise level is so intense and people's excitement level is so intense. I could never. I'm not that kind of a performer." WATCH Jennifer below as "Alex Owens" in her classic (1983) Flashdance role:

Gabrielle Union Talks Fashion & Her New Job...

WATCH below:

[WATCH] Jill Scott Gives Back...

Watch below as Jill Scott talks about her education foundation "Blues Babe"

WATCH Isaac Mizrahi's Fall 2011 Show Stream LIVE...

Click the pic above to WATCH. And follow Isaac on Twitter HERE.

February 16, 2011

NYFW: Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear [VIDEO]

Runway, backstage, and front-row footage from the New York show.

Jessica Alba is Expecting Baby #2!

Jessica Alba announced on her Facebook page that she and her husband Cash Warren are expecting their 2nd child together:

It's been a while since I've been on FB & I thought I'd drop by to let you all in on some exciting news & Honor is going to be a Big Sister! Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didn't hear about it somewhere else. I appreciated all of the love and support you all gave me during my first pregnancy and will definitely appreciate it again this time around. Have a great day! Jess


February 15, 2011

In Case You Missed: Janet Jackson on Dateline [WATCH]

Janet Jackson spoke to Meredith Viera about everything from her weight, her brother Michael, new relationships and her new self help book "True You" WATCH her interview in its entirety below:

Part One

Part Two

February 13, 2011

53rd Grammy Red Carpet Fashion 2011 [LINK]

Click HERE to see pics from the 53rd Grammy Red Carpet (via Billboard)

February 11, 2011

Should Fashion Shows Be More Exclusive? My Thoughts.

Well if you were asking me, my answer would be NO. I don't think fashion shows should be reserved for only a few to see then for those same "few" to attempt to dictate or interpret what's hot and what's not. That's for the individual who will buy it and ultimately wear it to decide. Fashion shows used to be more exclusive than they are today, but they have evolved with the times as they should I think. Fashion shows have moved from being a sort of monarchy of only exclusive invited guests to being more democratic, egalitarian and inclusive, and I for one think that that's a great thing << Signed, my two cents.

February 10, 2011

NYFW: Vena Cava Fall 2011 [VIDEO]

Watch live streaming video from venacava at livestream.com

February 9, 2011

For Sale! Black Michael Antonio Monaco Heels Size 7.5

4 1/4 heels. I thought I was gonna be able to to do it and long story short, I'm not gonna be able to do it.

But maybe YOU can. I'm selling them on eBay.

February 8, 2011

Jennifer Hudson's *New* Album *New* Look

How great does she look? Wow. Her transformational journey is truly inspiring. 
Click HERE to pre-order J. Hud's new album "I Remember Me" and listen to her first single

Can't Get to New York Fashion Week? Where to WATCH Online.

First Comes Fashion
New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Show Listing >> LIVE STREAM WATCH HERE.

Mac & Milk
New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Show Listing >> LIVE STREAM WATCH HERE.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Show Listing >> LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE.

February 7, 2011

Funny Super Bowl Commercials: My 2011 Picks [LOL]

First off, congrats to the Green Bay Packers for coming out on top over the Pittsburg Steelers at Super Bowl XLV. It was a little bittersweet for me because I'm a Saints fan and a WHODAT and I just think the winners of Super Bowl XLIIII (the New Orleans SAINTS!) are the BEST TEAM EVER. Ok, you know what? Sorry. Got lost in last year for a moment. Anyhoo, let's get to my shortlist of 2011 Super Bowl ads that I thought made the grade (and that made me LOL) WATCH below:

Bridgestone "Reply All" Hilarious.

Chevy Camaro, I just liked this one.

Audi "Release the Hounds" Hit 'em with the Kenny G! lol.

Volkswagen "The Force" Cutest. Commercial. Ever :)

Bud Light "Hack Job"

CarMax "Gas Station" Funny.

February 6, 2011

Black Eyed Peas Performing in Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show.

Should be a good show...

February 5, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: 2011 Super Bowl Ads [WATCH]

MOVIE TRAILER: "Yelling to the Sky" [2011]

Gabourey Sidibe and Zoe Kravitz on film together. Looks super indie. But what is it about? Is Gabby playing a "mean girl"? What in the world is going on with Zoe? Why is everybody running? I'm cautiously intrigued. Showing this year at South by Southwest.

February 3, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Launching a Fragrance at Sephora...

Actress Jennifer Aniston has blended her most beloved scent recollections to create her debut fragrance. Favored aromas like night-blooming jasmine, wild violets, and Amazon lily—all redolent of her California upbringing—open the fragrance. Its warm finish of sensual musk, golden amber, and sandalwood is inspired by the smell of wood fires at Jennifer's friends' houses on summer evenings. These wonderfully fragrant ingredients are topped off with the freshness of citrus grove and rose water, creating a unique combination. With a nod to an admired architect, she has bottled the eponymous floral scent in a beautiful, fluid shape to represent the organic form of a cresting wave.

Online only. Available in stores late March.

Nary Manivong: From Homeless to Fashion Week.

The odds were against Nary Manivong. His parents abandoned him and his three siblings when he was just 14 years old, and he found himself homeless on the streets of Columbus, Ohio fending for himself. "The first place I slept was at a donut place," he said. One day he came across a copy of Vogue magazine and knew instantly he wanted to be a clothing designer. Making pieces out of scraps, he cobbled together his first show at 17 in Ohio but knew he had to get to NYC to make his dreams come true.

After several trips to New York, he secured a backer and debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2005 to much praise. He seemed well on his way to success until his investors pulled the plug, and he was once again left homeless and destitute. )WWD reports that Manivong is back and showing his latest collection -- a collaboration with Ally Hilfiger -- at the upcoming New York Fashion Week).

The documentary Dressed opens in NY theaters tomorrow and follows his struggle to make it in the highly competitive industry.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

Are You Ready for The Real Housewives of Miami?

From left: Alexia Echevarria, Marysol Patton, Larsa Pippen, Cristy Rice, Lea Black and Adriana Sidi

via People:
Make way for the Real Housewives of Miami – and soon. Six ladies join the cast of the just-announced show, which will premiere Feb. 22 (10 p.m. ET), and they promise to supply plenty of heat this chilly winter. Though Bravo had initially announced that the Real Housewives of New York City would be premiering its fourth season in mid-February, the show is now expected to debut in the spring.

Who are these ladies that will be causing all the drama? Meet the cast of the Real Housewives of Miami:

Lea Black has a 9-year-old son with her lawyer husband. A strong supporter of President Obama, the Texas-born Housewife is invested in her own charitable endeavors.

Larsa Pippen is married to basketball star Scottie Pippen and was known as the "Hottest NBA wife." A mother of four, Pippen boasts that she's successful at everything she does.

Marysol Patton is a Miami native who runs her own PR firm, the Patton Group. A divorcee, Patton is known for throwing bashes around town and loves to spend time with her mother, Elsa, who considers herself a "seer" and offers spiritual guidance people in town.

Alexia Echevarria is the executive editor of Venue magazine, where she covers fashion and celebrity culture. She lives on Miami Beach with her husband Herman and has two sons from a previous marriage.

Cristy Rice was recently divorced from NBA star Glen Rice. The show will follow her single life as she juggles business (she owns a clothing store) and being a single mom.

Adriana DeMoura-Sidi is fiery and flirtatious and ... newly engaged. Her personality lands her in trouble and the subject of much gossip among the ladies.

Can't wait to see the show? Catch a sneak peek at the Real Housewives of Miami below.

February 2, 2011

WATCH: Handbags Designed & Made from Old VHS Tapes.

Your old VHS collection isn't out of style! Berlin designer Lucrecia Lovera has turned the outdated tapes into evening bags, laptop cases and purses -- and she even plans to start making dresses. Ironically, she admitted to Reuters, "I'm not really a big movie fan."

February 1, 2011

February is Black History Month...

I agree with a lot of people who don't really get why Black History is relegated to one month. Black history is a huge part of American history and really should be recognized as such. However, it is such a beautiful time right now to celebrate Black history when so many Black people are currently making history! But none of these people would have even had the opportunity if it hadn't been for the ones that went before. The countless ones who went before us fought hard to make the world a better place for future generations. We should never forget...