January 21, 2012

Are Heidi Klum and Seal Divorcing? WHYYYY???

4th *UPDATE*

3rd *UPDATE*

2nd *UPDATE*
Heidi and Seal Have Not Yet Split... and I hope they DON'T.


I am a HUGE Heidi Klum fangirl and this is the last thing I expected to read first thing this morning. I'm still hoping it's not true. For the last 7 years, Heidi and Seal have been one of the most in each other's face in love with each other couples out there. They renewed their vows every year, they combined their families (Seal adopted Heidi's daughter Leni from a previous relationship then they had 3 children together) they threw parties together (their Halloween parties were epic), they vacationed together (the most recent was just December last year), they sang together... so what is this even about? They always seemed to have so much fun together and be so in love. I'm telling you, I'm not liking this,  not one bit :(

Heidi and Seals 4 children

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