March 22, 2012

Are You Ready For an American Idol Clothing Line?

So American Idol is doing a clothing line now? Okaaay. I have to admit, I haven't paid much attention to American Idol since Carrie Underwood won it, so what do I know really...

Kohl's has teamed with the Fox show to create an exclusive American Idol apparel collection under a new brand, Authentic Icon. The line, announced by Kohl's, will be sold from April through June of this year to coincide with the latest "Idol" season (its 11th!). "For over a decade American Idol has seamlessly woven fashion and music together to transform lives and create music icons." 
Authentic Icon clothes hit the junior's and young men's departments of Kohl's and in April 2012. I don't want to say that this all seems kinda cheesy, oh wait. I just did. Well anyhoo, enough of my opinion, will you be checking for it?


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