May 21, 2012

Chrissy Teigen vs. TEAM BREEZY. UPDATED.

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend's Victoria's Secret model fiance decided to share her thoughts on Chris Brown's 2012 Billboard Music Awards performance via Twitter simply stating the following:

And I have to agree with her. On top of Chris Brown's show making me roll my eyes more than once (BMX bikes? Taking off his shirt? The same dance moves I've seen him do before at previous awards shows?) he wasn't even singing! Which is what Ms. Teigen was referring to with her tweet. Well what in the world did she do that for honey, because Team Breezy came back at her on Twitter like a TSUNAMI. But her response to all the nonsense was an absolute Twitter SMACKDOWN:

You guys are too young for this shit. Too f**king young. How you can even form these sentences at someone you don’t know makes me so sad. Don’t throw around the term ho, c*nt, slut. You’re women. WE ARE WOMEN. and don’t ever think a man can f**king control you. Seriously. this isn’t your f**king job. Stop being psychotic. Be strong women. Listen to opinions without spewing pure maliciousness. I’ve had comments ranging from 'kill yourself you stupid HO' to 'gold digging c*nt' [to] 'get a fucking job,' etc. Because I don’t like [Chris Brown]? I like some of his music too. YOU can like it. You CAN. But WHY the insane hate and 'team'?? Why can’t you just CHILL THE F**K OUT? In all seriousness, and this has been entertaining, I’m so disturbed. What are you even doing this for? Some good music and dancing? Good god. DO BETTER." 

Pow! And you can officially count me in as a Chrissy Teigen FAN. Seriously, I couldn't have said any of that any better. Well played Chrissy Teigen. Well played.

Chris Brown keeps it classy (he DOESN'T) and Team Breezy sees the error of their psychotic ways (they DON'T). Sad, sad, sad.

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  1. So I guess I really didn't miss much by not seeing the awards show.