June 1, 2013

SEWING: My Long Sleeved T-Shirt Maxi Dress Redo...

This was my maxi dress BEFORE I did it over (above). I made this dress about 3 years ago, find out why I made such a huge bubble dress HERE.

This was my inspiration for doing that dress over. I just fell in like with the idea of doing a long sleeved t-shirt maxi dress for some reason and this particular dress (that I found on Pinterest) just spoke to me. But how would I do it??

I based the way I did the pattern for my long-sleeved maxi dress on the way the pattern was done above (found it HERE) you could either use a pattern you already have OR use a t shirt you like and trace or cut the fit onto pattern paper or your desired fabric (<< click that link for a video on how to do it. It's a bit long, but informative)

My long sleeved tee and my extra fabric.
I completely dismantled the dress at the top of this post as I'd be using that for my skirt portion. I had about a yard of extra, never touched fabric to do the long sleeved tee of the dress. And finally...

My long-sleeved t-shirt maxi dress completed! I like it but I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


  1. Look who's got the 19" waist now! This fitted dress highlights the fabric so much better. You look fabulous! This is just one more thing on my list to copy from you.

  2. Thanks Andi! And trust, that waistline is an optical illusion, lol ;)

  3. Amazing! You look fantastic...will definitely be trying this out!

  4. Really quite stunning. I love thinking about where designers might get some of their inspiration
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  5. That is so freaking beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Inspires me to try. Have great day.