December 12, 2013

The 2014 Golden Globe Nominations are IN!

And Breaking Bad made the cut yet again! I never would have thought that I would be a fan of a show like this (meth dealers, Mexican drug cartels, lies and manipulation, family drama) but OMG. Count me in as a SUPER fan. I just finished the series and it was everything and nothing I could have imagined. I honestly don't know if there's been anything like this on tv before. This show surprises and shocks you at every turn. Like watching a train wreck, it's horrific, but somehow you just can't look away. Anyhoo, congrats to the cast of Breaking Bad pictured above from left to right, Gustavo Fring (played by Giancarlo Esposito), Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul), WALTER WHITE (Heisenberg or Mr. White played by Bryan Cranston), and Mike Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks). The entire cast and writers of this show deserve all the accolades they get.

Wanna see who else got Golden Globe nominations? CLICK HERE. But let me also congratulate my other tv addiction who was rightfully nominated, HOUSE OF CARDS!!! Kevin Spacey (as Representative and House Majority Whip Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) are perfection in these roles. This show is political drama at it's nastiest which makes for some really GOOD TV. 

And, and AND!!! CONGRATS to Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope for snagging a nomination for Best Actress in a TV Drama Series!!! Good TV is WINNING y'all!

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