March 14, 2014

I Wanna SEW IT! Tangerine Suiting...

I purchased my tangerine jersey and tangerine twill fabric 2 years ago and I'm just now all like, "hey! I know what I wanna do with this!" lol. Well I told you, sometimes it takes a minute to figure it out. Spring suiting in bright tangerine, yes?! And you wanna know who REALLY sold me on a brightly colored suit? Solange Knowles. She could sell you on wearing brightly colored anything if you asked me, exhibit A right here...
Exhibit A, Solange rocking fierce bright color 

Solange wears bright colors so effortlessly well, and yes, I've been a fan girl of hers for a minute now. Check out Solange rocking a fabulous tangerine suit in her video "Losing You" below. 

As for my tangerine jersey fabric, right now I'm leaning towards something like THIS or THIS. Wait... is that the same dress?
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