April 1, 2014

MY STYLE DIARY: Denim Boyfriend Shorts...

Turned my F21 Boyfriend Jeans into Shorts, Location, The Saint Hotel, New Orleans, Canal Street
Outfit Post! Because when was my last one, right? (that long ago) but anyhoo, here we are now in my denim boyfriend shorts that I made myself (see how I did it HERE) and OMG I loooooooooove them. And before I go any further in this post, let me address the elephant in the room. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY HAIR?! Well, it's GONE. It's something I decided to do last month and I'm glad I did it. If you still wanna know why I did it, CLICK HERE. If you wanna skip my hair monologues, more outfit pics below!

because I'm cool like that... ;)

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