July 6, 2014

Shoe Rx: How To Stretch Out Too Tight Shoes [LINK]

I recently purchased a cute pair of strappy sandal heels (on sale!) and they fit for the most part, (they were a little too snug for my liking around the toe area). So at first, I looked into shoe repair shops to see if they could extend the toe strap a bit, but then I quickly came to my senses based on how much I paid for the shoes (little to nothing). So I started looking up DIY shoe hacks when I found the article above. Anybody already hip to this? I know I'm probably late, but this was the first time I ever even heard of this DIY shoe hack. Now full disclosure, I haven't tried this out yet, so I don't know if it'll even work on my synthetic, man-made material sandals, but I'll definitely update this post and let you know if this worked for me. If you have a similar too tight shoe dilemma click HERE or the click pic above to read more.

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