July 29, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Missoni Like Vacation Style...

When I think of fabulous, laid back Italian vacation style, I think of Missoni. Partly because they're known for their colorful knitwear designs which just seems a natural fit for the scenic backdrop of  beautiful Italian cities. I even tried to mimick the "Missoni look" on our first ever trip to (Capri!) Italy, (my dress was H&M though, seen below).
Me on the streets of Capri, Italy
If you're anything like me, then you're someone who tries (hard!) to blend into the local scenery as much as you can, because looking like a tourist when you travel (fanny packs, visors, gigantic maps, tropical shirts, American flag tees, shorts, etc) is just not the look, amiright? But no worries, because whether or not you're planning a fabulous Italian vacay, you can still shop a similar "Missoni like" look below to look fabulously chic either here in the states or while traveling abroad... 

Missoni like Single Dolman-Sleeve Drop-Waist Dress

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