August 21, 2014

Protective Hairstyle Chronicles: My DIY Crochet Braids...

Day after my crochet braids install
Happy Thursday everybody! If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, then you already know all about the crochet braid protective style that I did ALL BY MYSELF (she's craft-ayy, lol) And it was my first time! But I do have to be honest, I didn't know that crochet braids were even a thing. The things you learn on social media. But when I first saw a Youtube tutorial on how to install crochet braids, I was like, "aww HELL naw!" lol. I thought it was wayyy too involved. Plus my wigs were super easy, put them on, take them off... like a hat. But something, I don't know what, made me stay really curious about crochet braids, so I kept watching tutorials, even though I convinced myself that it wouldn't work on my hair since I was only 4 months past my 2nd big chop. In other words, my hair is still super short (click HERE if you don't remember how short I cut it). But then I saw this blog post, now I've never watched L.A. Hair on WE Tv, but apparently, China whose hair is as short as mine got crochet braids on the show! Naturally I was like, "wait, WHAT?" So it IS possible on hair that short? WOW. So around 20-25 Youtube tutorials later, I finally put in my own, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I thought my wigs were easy and low maintenance, but this style has them beat. At the time of this posting I'm a week and a half into wearing them and the most I've done is trim them into shape, tie them up at night, fluff them in the mornings, BOOM. Done. That pretty much confirms that I'll be doing these again. Deets on what I used to create this style below along with a few of the Youtube tutorials that got me there...

One week old crochet braids, MAC HEROINE lipstick 
I used a pack and a half of Freetress Equal Marley Braid Hair in the colors 1B and 2
I used this exact Latch Hook Crochet Needle
I washed (with shampoo, for a deep clean) and then deep conditioned my hair before starting.
I blow dried my hair switching between a cool and warm setting to stretch it.
Then I flat-twisted all of my hair to install the braids. The style normally calls for cornrow BRAIDS, but I'm a much better flat-twister than I am a braider. One week later my braids are still pretty sturdy, so flat-twists worked fine for me.
Like I mentioned earlier, I just tie them up at night and fluff in the morning.
To clean my scalp, I use Dickinson's Witch Hazel a natural astringent, either in a tiny travel sized spray bottle or on a cotton ball to cleanse my scalp where it's already parted. I also have a little olive oil mixed with tea tree oil in a small spray bottle that I spray on my scalp a few times a week after spraying water (the BEST moisturizer for curly hair) directly onto my flat twists to keep MY HAIR moisturized. And that's it!

Now check below for a few of the Youtube crochet braid tutorials that I watched. For the truly interested, watch when you have some free time, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine and a snack and check them out!

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