September 17, 2014

TRAVEL: Autumn in Paris, A 2014 Guide...

About a week ago, I had the most vivid dream that I was in Paris. The weather was gorgeous there and just as I was basking and twirling and giddy that I was in this beautiful city.. I woke up :( BUT! I fell asleep again and my dream picked up right where it left off! I awoke once more and it happened all over again. I was right back in Paris in the same dream. So what does all this mean exactly? That I need to plan my first trip to Paris and SOON. Couple that with my absolute love for FALL! Because I really think Fall is the time of year I'd like to travel there. So great news for any of you traveling to Paris this Fall! Because here's a Fall 2014 Guide to the city of Paris. You're welcome.

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