February 23, 2015

Monday Motivation: Be FEARLESS.

Positive Affirmation Quote Be Fearless

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, you have to step outside of your comfort zone to start seeing the real manifestation of your desires. There's just no other way. Of course you could stay inside your bubble of comfort and maybe things will work out by happenstance, or you can go out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Be bold and ASK FOR THINGS. There's a chance that you'll be told NO, but that's ONE PERSON telling you no, not the entire world. Move on to the next! And here's a thought, what if you get a YES when you ask? It'll feel like the heavens just opened up for you and you wouldn't have gotten to that point without being FEARLESS and ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT. I hope this positive affirmation and these uplifting quotes of inspiration and motivation helps someone to reach their full potential. And trust, I'm talking to myself too :)

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