February 9, 2015

Outfit Ideas: Mixing Chiffon and Faux Leather...

faux leather jacket pink dress outfit

New outfit post and natural hair updates y'all! Yay! lol. So I decided to mix and match my pink Sweetees chiffon tank dress with my faux leather jacket (from the $15 Dollar Store!) and this is the result. And just FYI, this isn't my first time mixing tough with sweet. Remember this outfit from a couple years ago? I like the look of mixing flirty, girly pieces with something more tomboy rugged. And even though this look has been done, done, done in fashion, it's still a little unexpected which is probably why I love it. And my curly hair is growing back y'all! These pics mark 10 months since my 2nd big chop (see my hair at 9 months HERE) and I gotta tell you, I really think my hair is thriving beneath all my protective hairstyles (crochet braids, lace wigs, twists, etc) Leaving it alone for weeks at a time is giving my hair a chance to do what it do! I'm pretty pleased with the progress. Check below for more pics and scroll through to browse and shop similar outfit pieces below!

faux leather jacket pink dress outfit

10 months post big chop natural hair

faux leather jacket chiffon dress outfit

faux leather jacket pink dress outfit


  1. You look lovely, strong and confident. I love your hair! Yay for growth. Mine is actually growing as well, almost like once I stopped talking about it not growing it started to grow. I also want to install some Nubian twists although my family is against me installing any "extra" hair. Have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you Shon! And yay for your hair growing too! And I have to be honest, I never thought I would be, but I am a FAN of "extra" hair, lol. Since doing my 2nd big chop, extra hair (crochet braids, twists, lace wigs) have been some of my BEST protective styles! They're easy, they keep your hands out of your hair and just allow your hair to grow and be healthy and great (in the long run).

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