April 7, 2015

New Orleans Food: 25 Definitive New Orleans Restaurants...

Y'all know we like to get our eat on in New Orleans since moving here in 2013, and we've made our way around the city's culinary scene a bit, but really, we still haven't scratched the surface. Which is why I was so excited to get this book! 25 Definitive New Orleans Restaurants (& A Dozen Damned Good Places to Drink) written by Steven Wells Hicks. From the back of the book: "How can food-loving visitors to New Orleans find 'real deal' cuisine in a city that offers them the choice of several thousand restaurants?" Well you get some answers broken down into categories like "The Classics, Chefs Special, The Originators, Neighborhood Favorites and Local Color" The book is available at Amazon or just click HERE.

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