August 15, 2007

Cute For Fall: Bargain Belted Cuteness

Who doesn't appreciate a cutesy fall jacket?! And finding one at a bargain? I'm sooo there. These belted jackets are cute to wear with jeans and heels (or flats!) for a polished casual look or dress them up with a cute dress or pencil skirt. Nice.

Target's Navy Merona Stand Up Neck Anorak Jacket (only $14.99!)
Windsor Clothing's Red & White Diamond Print Trench ($42.75)
Forever 21's Wool Blend Herringbone Blazer ($32.80 & machine washable!)


  1. Totally cute jackets! I'm dying for a leather jacket though. Wish they weren't so expensive!
    Your site rocks, btw!!!

  2. Why are the pictures always so freaking low on this site. I feel like I have scroll for every to see the editorial. I love this site but I hate scrolling so far down.

  3. hmmm... I didn't know that. I checked an alternate browser, (Mozilla Firefox, I use Internet Explorer..) and everything looked fine on my computer, why don't you let me know which browser you are using and I'll certainly look into it. And thanks for letting me know BTW.

  4. I am using Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180

  5. anon-
    that's the exact same browser I use down to the last 4 numbers. If you could, tell me exactly what your page is doing when you click on so I can try and pinpoint the problem.


  6. Hi, now the stuff is showing up at the top of the page but on the editorial for "Is It "Grey" Or "Gray"? Whichever One It Is, It's The New Black For Fall 2007." (and all be low that) the page would display the title and then I have to scroll a while to see the picture and your write up.

    Sorry for the late response.