August 21, 2007

Link Post! Celebrity Clothing Lines Revealed...

Celebrity clothing lines seem to be popping up like every other day now. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about them. Anyhoo, check out the following celebrity clothing lines below (links!) to see exactly who seems to know what they're doing, and who maybe.. needs to just leave it alone.

Clickity click below to check out looks from the following celebrity lines now, then cast your vote on the celebrity clothing line that you would actually spend cash on!

The Mango Line by Penelope Cruz & her sister, Monica.

The Paris Hilton Line

Miss Tina by Tina Knowles

The Dereon Junior Line


  1. Some actors/artists/models have real inspirations for their own lines; some don't. I am really looking forward to SJP- bitten.

  2. The Mango clothing is the best. I love almost all of it. Paris Hilton's looks very cheap but isn't priced that way... a couple of the items are okay. Miss Tina and Dereon are ehhh. Nothing very special.

  3. Please link my fashion blog:
    I've added yours to my blogroll, can you be a sweetie and do the same too? Thanks!

  4. Can't say I feel inspired to buy anything by Tina Knowles. I think her aesthetic and mine are worlds apart! (I'm trying to phrase this nicely)

  5. Did you know that the actual celebrity label doesn't make much difference when people buy celebrity clothing?