August 17, 2007

More Trends For Fall...

I particularly liked this video because it addressed a couple ridiculous fashion myths, like whether or not it's ok to wear white after Labor Day (This one is super ancient), and if it's possible to wear black with brown and black with navy among others. Insightful.


  1. Great blog!! I'm also starting a fashion blog chronicling the latest in fashion on my college campus with commentary by yours truly. Check it out at I will definitely continue reading up on your blog.

  2. Lol did homegirl have 2 diss Topeka, Kansas at the end? I am not from there, but damn, she shouted out the city and everything lol

  3. I don't know if I adhere to any of those rules...except for the white after labor day thing because I always feel a little silly doing it BUT I WILL do it, if the weather and occasion permits. Also, the navy/black and black/brown thing...I think all that matters is that you make it look so good together that people don't even think to realize you're mixing these "taboo" colors. If you've done that, then you're good to go. :)

  4. yeh, really funny! so, basically anything goes except if you're stood in front of that one more taboo-ridden specialist ;P haha, these sort of things are hilarious!

    All they were missing was saying that "tartan is the new black"... these fshion editors try and bring it back Every Year!