September 11, 2007

Scenes From The Academy Of Art University SS/08

The Academy of Art University show was presented on Saturday night in the tents, and what a fun and creative show it was! I was so looking forward to this event for the mere fact that it was a show of eleven fashion and textile design students from the Academy of Art in San Francisco debuting their lines on the grand stage that is New York Fashion Week. From knitwear to menswear to swimwear, to a line created using sustainable, organic and reused fabrics (such as parachute material) the Academy of Art show was all-encompassing. The most fun was the knitwear line with the matching motorcyle helmets. Too cute! Below are a few pics we took at the show.
[Photo credit: Ron Ward, Hip Candy Photography]

Below are some pics from the Menswear line that was presented during the Academy of Art show, and the guy in red jacket in the middle really woke up the room! I swear when he came out, women people lost it! I had to look around... getting that kind of response, his agency should be booking him left and right.

"At Academy of Art University, they believe design is everywhere. Since 1929, their mission has been to nurture and inspire designers with eyes wide open. Designers who go on to creative careers. Designers taught by exceptionally skilled, passionate instructors who believe design is a contagion that needs no cure. By learning the rules and being encouraged to break them, they instill the audacity to create work that is sometimess beautiful, sometimes disturbing, challenges perceptions and is always relevant."
-Dr. Elisa Stephens, President, Academy of Art University

Student Designers:
Andrea Vence
Tara Shannahan
Kathryn Scully
James Yoest
Sharon Chia-yu Yeh
Jiyoon "Lydia" Yeom
Kenneth Ning
Yi-ting "Maxim" Lee
Haa Cheng Thai
Kyung Min Kim
MinSun Lee
The Academy of Art University


  1. I want a polka-dot helmet! :-)

  2. Yeah - aren't those helmets cool! Im this video MinSun explains why she used them -

  3. This video is great. Where did you find this new social network. Very cool...