September 24, 2007

Temperley For Target

Pictured: Leaf Print Sweater, $29.99 and Ebony Crepe Mini Skirt, $24.99, Alice Temperley Cobblestroller, $14.99-$49.99, Temperley Ebony Cotton Voile Dress, $29.99

British designer, Alice Temperley has made her way into Target as the latest designer to design for Target's GO! International series. I was able to see a couple of her pieces up close over the weekend when I was shopping for birthday gifts and she has some really cute pieces! She has wide-legged pants, cutesy little cropped coats, and the black, ruffled, cotton voile dress (available online, I didn't see that one in the store) is also a real nice look. Alice Temperley joins Patrick Robinson, Libertine, and fellow Brit, Luella Bartley in bringing an affordable line to the masses through Target. Yay!

Browse & shop Alice Temperley for Target now!

Click to see looks from her higher priced Spring '08 line, Temperley London, at NYC Fashion Week.


  1. I ordered the leaf print sweater the other day!

  2. I just got the two dresses - the grey shirt dress and the blue black dress - thye look small so I will see if I cna squeeze my big booty in it.

  3. My sweater came and it's pretty good! I'm keeping it.